October Messenger: “A Heartfelt Thanks”

October Messenger: “A Heartfelt Thanks”

Debra and I want to extend our sincere appreciation to our loving church family in these difficult weeks. For those who haven’t heard, our daughter Jasmin (who joined our family in 2013), ran out of gas on Raymond St. near Keystone, exited her car, and was hit by an oil tanker while trying to cross the street. She had many broken bones, collapsed lungs, and was fortunate to be alive, after being dragged under the truck. Jasmin was in the ICU at Eskanazi Hospital for five and half weeks, and then in physical therapy rehab at Community North for two and a half weeks. At the time of me writing this (10/29), we just received word that she is being released tomorrow (earlier than planned), and coming back to our house.

We are grateful for your prayers for Jasmin’s life and recovery. When I first received word of the accident, I was told she wasn’t expected to live (that person who said that may have been misinformed, but I’m not sure what was said at the scene of the accident). We are thankful for everyone who has brought meals, sent cards, given words of encouragement, and expressed thoughtfulness in any way.

One lesson I’ve learned from this is the importance of pacing yourself in taxing situations. What is true for routine daily life is also true in emergencies: God created Sabbath for our good. With the exception of Camper’s Retreat weekend, we have gone to see Jasmin six days per week, sometimes twice a day. But we have made it a point to not go one day each week, to rest ourselves, knowing that others are in her life, too, to visit her. I realize that not every situation is exactly like ours, but I encourage people to find some form of Sabbath when their loved one is in the hospital.

God redeems difficult situations and can bring good from bad. Pray that this is so in Jasmin’s life. “For I know that through your prayers and God’s provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance.” (Philippians 1:19, NIV).

Love, Pastor Mark & Debra