December Messenger: “2015 Pastor’s Report”

December Messenger: “2015 Pastor’s Report”

Often your greatest strengths are your greatest weaknesses.  We are a multigenerational church.  If you follow every church to its logical conclusion, no church is meant to stay a church of one age group.  Eventually, every church would hopefully be a multigenerational church if they get to be around long enough, and that’s what we are.  With our challenges.  With our advantages.

A multigenerational church is better suited to have the older women teach the younger women how to love their husbands (Titus 2:4), to say, “I’ve been through it and I made it and so can you.”  A multigenerational church is better suited to handle the challenges of changing technology.  Would we ask the Conglomerates to run the sound board or update the website?  No.  We have younger generations that know how to do that.  On the other hand, how many from the younger generations can compete with the older generation’s soup-making abilities?  A multigenerational church is better suited to upkeep a building.  Younger people who understand technology often have little understanding of building needs.  It tends to be our middle-aged and older people who understand that.  A multigenerational church is better suited to hold up a moral example when the youngest generation is compromising.  That’s why God keeps some of our older people around; they know what is right and good.  A multigenerational church is better suited to oppose racism.  Yes, every generation has its blind spots, and older generations tend to fail in that area more than younger.  And I could go on and on.  So, together, we are better suited to do all of these things and more, as the body of Christ.  And these smaller areas contribute to the larger area of making disciples of all nations.

We’ve tried to move forward this year in a several areas.  We’ve added more participants to our worship service, which I’m very happy about.  We continue to add cameras around the building to encourage safety and accountability.  We launched our new website.  Our Facebook page seems to be getter more new hits every day.  Our young group is doing well, and I’m appreciative of the passing of the torch over the last year between Donnie and Erin & Nick, Kayla & Jackie.  We are about to start another confirmation year.  I hope that can help build the future of our youth group.  One suggestion that I hope we can implement this year is a marriage retreat.  We also plan to put together a new church directory, which can help us know each other better, face and name.

Lastly, I want to thank this year’s Council, and our president Terry Miller.  I want to thank our staff.  I want to thank our church for their support during this year when Jasmin was run over by the truck.  I want to thank my children, who are increasingly involved in our ministries.  And I want to thank my wife.  God bless us in the next year.


Respectfully submitted,



Pastor Mark