Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark

May Messenger: “Church Directory”

We will be creating a new church photo directory.  Unlike previous directories, we will create this directory ourselves, using our church database software, which will enable us to issue updates more frequently. A new church directory presents several opportunities: Update contact information. While we are always updating contact information as[…]

April Messenger: “Q&A”

(taken from Q&A sermon) If God is against sin, how could it have been God’s will to allow Judas to betray Jesus?  Jesus forewarned in Matthew 26:24, “The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of[…]

March Messenger: “March Holiness”

March is an important month to highlight a few dates. PrayerFest 3/4-4 Friday 6:30p Fun(d) Dinner to support Taylor Youth Conference

February Messenger: “Discipleship Challenge”

In our Sunday morning series in 1 Peter, “At Home In Exile,” we’ve focused on Peter’s quote of God in Leviticus 11, “Be holy, because I am holy” (NIV).  What does it mean to be different, to be strangers and aliens in a corrupt society?  One way that we’re trying[…]

January Messenger: “Pastor Mark Misc. Thoughts Approaching 2016”

“Silent Night” In my Christ Carols sermon series, we covered “Silent Night” on Christmas Eve.  I didn’t feel Christmas Eve was the appropriate night for the following subject matter, so I’ve decided to mention it here: In November, ABC’s series Scandal aired an episode in which an abortion took place,[…]

December Messenger: “2015 Pastor’s Report”

Often your greatest strengths are your greatest weaknesses.  We are a multigenerational church.  If you follow every church to its logical conclusion, no church is meant to stay a church of one age group.  Eventually, every church would hopefully be a multigenerational church if they get to be around long[…]

November Messenger: “Upcoming”

Confirmation We are approaching a confirmation year in our every-other-year cycle. The next confirmation Sunday will be November 2016. Therefore, I hope to start classes before the New Year. Confirmation is generally for junior highers, so participants for this cycle will mostly have been born in 2002 or 2003. Kids[…]

October Messenger: “A Heartfelt Thanks”

Debra and I want to extend our sincere appreciation to our loving church family in these difficult weeks. For those who haven’t heard, our daughter Jasmin (who joined our family in 2013), ran out of gas on Raymond St. near Keystone, exited her car, and was hit by an oil[…]

July-Aug Messenger: “Self-Identity: A Truth Issue”

         Obeying the ninth commandment is not easy these days. Bearing false witness has become a cultural “virtue,” especially when it comes to people’s identities. I generally believe it is most polite and loving to refer to people by the names or descriptions that they choose for[…]