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November Messenger: “Upcoming”

Confirmation We are approaching a confirmation year in our every-other-year cycle. The next confirmation Sunday will be November 2016. Therefore, I hope to start classes before the New Year. Confirmation is generally for junior highers, so participants for this cycle will mostly have been born in 2002 or 2003. Kids[…]

October Messenger: “A Heartfelt Thanks”

Debra and I want to extend our sincere appreciation to our loving church family in these difficult weeks. For those who haven’t heard, our daughter Jasmin (who joined our family in 2013), ran out of gas on Raymond St. near Keystone, exited her car, and was hit by an oil[…]

July-Aug Messenger: “Self-Identity: A Truth Issue”

         Obeying the ninth commandment is not easy these days. Bearing false witness has become a cultural “virtue,” especially when it comes to people’s identities. I generally believe it is most polite and loving to refer to people by the names or descriptions that they choose for[…]