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Following our 11/27/2016 vote and 12/24/2016 name change announcement, here are the most updated bylaws.  Please note that one final 2016 bylaws change is still pending: the name change will be updated after the name voting process has been completed.

May Messenger: “Church Directory”

We will be creating a new church photo directory.  Unlike previous directories, we will create this directory ourselves, using our church database software, which will enable us to issue updates more frequently. A new church directory presents several opportunities: Update contact information. While we are always updating contact information as[…]

April Messenger: “Q&A”

(taken from Q&A sermon) If God is against sin, how could it have been God’s will to allow Judas to betray Jesus?  Jesus forewarned in Matthew 26:24, “The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of[…]

March Messenger: “March Holiness”

March is an important month to highlight a few dates. PrayerFest 3/4-4 Friday 6:30p Fun(d) Dinner to support Taylor Youth Conference

February Messenger: “Discipleship Challenge”

In our Sunday morning series in 1 Peter, “At Home In Exile,” we’ve focused on Peter’s quote of God in Leviticus 11, “Be holy, because I am holy” (NIV).  What does it mean to be different, to be strangers and aliens in a corrupt society?  One way that we’re trying[…]

January Messenger: “Pastor Mark Misc. Thoughts Approaching 2016”

“Silent Night” In my Christ Carols sermon series, we covered “Silent Night” on Christmas Eve.  I didn’t feel Christmas Eve was the appropriate night for the following subject matter, so I’ve decided to mention it here: In November, ABC’s series Scandal aired an episode in which an abortion took place,[…]

December Messenger: “2015 Pastor’s Report”

Often your greatest strengths are your greatest weaknesses.  We are a multigenerational church.  If you follow every church to its logical conclusion, no church is meant to stay a church of one age group.  Eventually, every church would hopefully be a multigenerational church if they get to be around long[…]

November Messenger: “Upcoming”

Confirmation We are approaching a confirmation year in our every-other-year cycle. The next confirmation Sunday will be November 2016. Therefore, I hope to start classes before the New Year. Confirmation is generally for junior highers, so participants for this cycle will mostly have been born in 2002 or 2003. Kids[…]